Saturday, July 29, 2006

A view of Pokhara, Mid-western tourist city. Fishtail swimming mirrored on the surface of Fewz Lake.
Being at this spot is to forget all your sorrows and misseries.
This is an example, you will find lots of such natural sceneries where you can spend hours and hours without being noticed to pass.

Temples for religious people, a collection of wonderful artichitecture and art. Krishna temple, The palace with 55 windoes, PashupatiNath, Baudha gumba ... the city of temples: Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Adventerous rafting and hiking makes your dynamic tour the most memorable. You can admire throughout your life for being in this beautiful country.

View Nepal

Come to nepal to enjoy your adventerous trecking, hiking, boating, rafting ................... any many more.
I bet, anyone will satisfy by visiting Nepal, any corner of it, during their vaccation.
All are welcomed.

The temples, stupas, rivers, marvelous mountain views, the people, hills, lakes, jungle, ups and downs, and importantly climate .....

You will fully enjoy your every pulse of stay.